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Unsere Wandkugelbahn wird sehr gerne von KITAs bestellt. Aus der Erfahrung heraus, haben wir speziell für Kindergärten und Kindertagesstätten ein Set erstellt. 

Dieses Set beinhaltet insgesamt 96 Elemente und 12 Präzisionsmurmeln. 

Damit können Wände bis 3 qm² sehr gut - von bis zu 6 Kindern gleichzeitig - bespielt werden. 

What is included in this set?

With this set you get:

  • 32 parts (four different elements each)
  • 4 precision marbles
  • 1 high quality bag (fair trade)

What can I do with it?

You can use the Wall Marble Run as a marble run.

Maybe you will see that the kids also start making creative shapes. The design of this track is also designed for this (see pictures).

And, you can build a type case out of it and place your figures (e.g. the Tonies) or pictures in it.

This is how we deliver

We usually deliver the next working day.

Our take-back promise

If you don't like the WAND MARBLE RAILWAY, please send it back to us and we will refund you the amount paid.

You can do this a whole month after the delivery date.

promise of quality

If you notice a defect or you don't like something, please contact us (preferably with a picture).

We will find a solution 💛

You can always reach us at

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